Urimbirra Wildlife Experiences

Take a Walk on the Wildside

Junior Wildlife Keeper

Age Range: 10 – 16 years
Available on April 14, 15, and 16. Limited places available.

An insight into learning about our unique animals and the level of care involved in keeping these animals in good health. You will perform special duties helping to maintain and care for our Animals, and get a real feel for what is involved in being a Wildlife Keeper! You will also make and learn about enrichment to stimulate natural behaviours and will see for yourself the amazing skills our animals have developed to live in their environment.

Wildlife Babies

Wednesdays | Starting 21st April 2021

A morning group aiming to enjoy and interact up with other likeminded parents to develop and expose their young children (0-4years) to nature and our environment. Starting with a coffee and Story time where we explore some our great Australian Authors, and followed by a guided casual walk around the perimeter of Urimbirra for some great physical exercise and to let the great outdoors seep into our skin! 

Wildlife Kids

Age Range: 5-9 years | Coming soon

Spend time with your children learning about our Australian Wildlife. Help them make enrichment for the animals, play some games and develop an appreciation for animals. Take a guided walk around the park for an hour and relax with a coffee while the kids make enrichment items for the animals.

Wildlife Keeper for a Day 

Age Range: Over 16 years | Coming Soon

Each participant will learn about our unique Animals and the level of care involved in keeping these animals in good health as well as learning about their natural history and role in conservation – while having a lot of fun! Connecting with our natural environment and our Ambassador animals. For those who already have developed a passion for animals it will give them a terrific insight into a Wildlife Keepers world. 

School groups Treasure Hunt and Activity Trail

School Groups | By appointment

Urimbirra Wildlife Park is introducing a new education program! Aiming to instill a sense of fun and adventure, while connecting the children to nature.

We have created a Treasure Hunt and Activity Trail, a set of challenges; searching and discovering, comparing and contrasting our abilities with different species of animals. Meet our animals – close up and personal and foster a sense of appreciation of their own unique skills.  Be active in the great outdoors! Hands on Science, Art, Mathematics and Physical Education brought to life in a beautiful Australian bush setting! 

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