Feed Kangaroos

Only 1 hour from Adelaide.

10am – 5pm at Urimbirra.

Feed Kangaroos in Adelaide

Urimbirra is a top attraction in South Australia and a must go place to feed kangaroos! The kangaroos are not in cages and the park is open-range meaning these beautiful marsupials can bounce around at their leisure. Just walk up to the kangaroo and have a handful of kangaroo food (purchased in park for $1) and they’ll grab your hand and munch it down! We have the Western Grey Kangaroos and the Kangaroo-Island Kangaroos in the park and both species are in need of a #kangarooselfie .

Kangaroo Encounters in Adelaide

Urimbirra Wildlife Park has a small fee of only $14 for adults and then you are free to explore the park. Be sure to buy a $1 kangaroo food bag and feed all the roos and other animals. If you are lucky you might even feed a baby kangaroo (joey)! Our open-range park means that the kangaroos can bounce around and not feel enclosed like some other parks do, we want the kangaroos to live happy and healthily.

Wildlife Attraction in Adelaide

Urimbirra is one of the best, obviously we think we’re the best 😉 , wildlife park in South Australia. Only 1 hour drive from Adelaide City Centre this park is a fantastic day trip with the family. If you are an Adelaide-based resident looking for something to do this weekend (we’re open 7 days a week) or travelling from interstate or maybe internationally then our park is a wonderful time! Be sure to check out Victor Harbor as well, it is a beautiful town full of fun things to do!


Be sure to use the #UrimbirraWildlifePark hashtag and tag us on Instagram ( @UrimbirraWildlife ) and we might even repost your photo! Let’s see who can get the best #Kangarooselfie . Oh, and be sure to follow us for photos of our incredible Australian animals and the fantastic selfies our guests get with the Roos, Koalas and more!


Urimbirra Wildlife Park does not charge extra for you to feed and meet the kangaroos!

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